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Ensuring Compliance and Cost Savings in Nordic Biogas Production Plants



Biogas plants face increasingly stringent EU and national regulations regarding methane slip levels, which refer to the unintentional release of methane during biogas production. Since methane is a very strong greenhouse gas (80 times stronger than carbon dioxide), compliance with these regulations is crucial for environmental protection, process control, and economic viability. The low methane concentration relevant for methane slip is challenging to analyze with traditional methods, especially in the harsh Nordic climate.


Beamonics Solution

The Beamonics solution offered the robust, accurate, and real-time monitoring system that addresses the challenges faced by Nordic biogas plants.

Here are the key advantages:

Regulatory Compliance

The Beamonics BeamCell provides the insights needed for biogas plants to comply with increasingly stringent EU and national regulations for methane slip levels. By offering precise and continuous analysis, producers can minimize methane slip and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining high-quality production.

Operational Efficiency

Accurate methane concentration measurements are critical for optimizing the biogas production process. The Beamonics system enhances process control by providing real-time data, enabling operators to make informed decisions that improve quality and efficiency.

Environmental Protection

Reducing the emission of greenhouse gases is vital for our planet. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, and minimizing its release helps mitigate climate change. The Beamonics solution supports biogas plants in achieving their environmental goals.

Economic Viability

Compliance with regulations and efficient methane management can lead to significant cost savings. By preventing methane slip, plants can maximize biogas yield and reduce waste, improving overall economic viability.

Resilience in Harsh Conditions

The Beamonics solution is designed to operate effectively in challenging Nordic conditions, with temperatures ranging from –10°C to 50°C. Its robust construction and advanced technology ensure reliable performance even in extreme weather.

Implementation and Proven Success

The Beamonics solution has been successfully implemented in several biogas plants across the Nordic region. It has demonstrated its ability to meet all regulatory and operational requirements, providing a proven track record of success.



The Beamonics solution represents a significant advancement in ensuring compliance and cost savings for biogas plants. By offering precise, real-time analysis of methane levels, it helps plants meet the increasingly stringent EU and national regulations, and at the same time improve the production quality while protecting the environment. Its resilience in harsh Nordic conditions and proven success in multiple installations make it an ideal choice for biogas plants seeking to operate sustainably.

Unique Yet Proven


Beamonics has a proven track record of success, with more than a hundred analyzer solutions implemented across Europe and Asia. Our analyzers provide insights across various industries, from oxygen analysis in semiconductor manufacturing to optimizing fruit storage in agriculture and ensuring compliance and cost savings in biogas plants.