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Improving Quality in Semiconductor Production in South Korea



Semiconductor production processes are highly sensitive to oxidation during production, and continuous analysis of oxygen concentration is crucial to ensure production quality. Even trace amounts of oxygen can lead to defects and failures in semiconductor components and wafers. Semiconductor manufacturing processes demand stringent monitoring to ensure that oxygen levels are kept to an absolute minimum. Traditional monitoring systems do not offer the required sensitivity or real-time response needed to protect these delicate materials effectively.


Beamonics Solution

Beamonics provides a cutting-edge solution that met the stringent requirements of continuously measuring extremely low levels of oxygen in real-time. Beamonics BeamStack offers several key advantages:


High Sensitivity and Real-Time Measurement

Beamonics BeamStack measures concentrations up to ten times per second, providing continuous real-time data. This high sensitivity ensures that even the slightest increases in oxidation levels are detected immediately.


Automatic Alerts and Redundancy

The system is integrated with existing monitoring frameworks, providing automatic alerts, if oxygen levels exceed predefined thresholds. The alerts are provided in in a redundant way, which was important to the customer. Any potential issues are addressed promptly, minimizing the risk of damage to the semiconductor components under production.


Uninterrupted Process Monitoring

The solution is designed to function seamlessly in the background, continuously monitoring oxygen levels without disrupting the semiconductor manufacturing process. This capability was crucial for maintaining operational efficiency and product quality.


Adaptability to Fluctuating Transmission Levels

Even with varying transmission levels, the BeamStack maintains accurate measurements. This adaptability ensures reliable performance under different operational conditions, providing consistent analysis of the oxygen levels.


Self-Calibrating and Maintenance-Free Operation

One of the standout features of the Beamonics system is its self-calibrating capability. The system automatically adjusts its settings to maintain optimal performance, eliminating the need for regular cleaning or additional maintenance. This feature not only reduces operational costs but also ensures uninterrupted process analysis.



The Beamonics solution represents a significant advancement in enhancing the semiconductor production process and quality, proven satisfied customers. By offering highly sensitive, real-time oxygen analysis, the system ensures that even minimal levels of oxygen are detected and addressed immediately. Its integration with existing systems and ability to operate without interrupting the manufacturing process make it an ideal choice for the semiconductor industry in South Korea as well as in the rest of the world. Additionally, the self-calibrating and maintenance-free design further enhances its appeal, providing a reliable, cost-effective monitoring tool for critical semiconductor components under production.

Unique Yet Proven


Beamonics has a proven track record of success, with more than a hundred analyzer solutions implemented across Europe and Asia. Our analyzers provide insights across various industries, from oxygen analysis in semiconductor manufacturing to optimizing fruit storage in agriculture and ensuring compliance and cost savings in biogas plants.