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Greenhouse Gas Monitoring in Wastewater Treatment Plants

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In wastewater treatment plants, it is important to monitor the release of greenhouse gases during the treatment process. One common method involves using large “hoods” placed over the basins where the water is treated. These hoods continuously extract the emitted gases from the basins and transport them to sensors located over 100 meters away. This setup provides point measurements, capturing gas concentrations from specific, localized points above the basins. While this method offers some insight into emitted methane and carbon dioxide levels, it is limited in its ability to provide a comprehensive analysis of greenhouse gas emission hotspots and detailed information about the treatment process.


Solution with Beamonics BeamSight


The Beamonics BeamSight solution offers a significant improvement over the current method. This innovative approach uses a remote TDLAS laser diode gas analyzer that can be deployed in a mobile fashion, providing several advantages:


Comprehensive Coverage

Unlike the point measurements provided by the hood system, BeamSight can measure gas concentrations through scanning over the entire surface area of the pool. This includes multiple pools if needed.


Enhanced Leak Detection

By covering a broader area, BeamSight is more effective at detecting gas emissions. It identifies variations in gas concentrations across different sections of the pool, allowing for the localization of greenhouse gas emission hotspots during the decay process in the treatment. This level of detail is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and environmental safety of the treatment process.


Real-Time, High-Sensitivity Data

Beamonics BeamSight provides real-time, high-sensitivity data capable of measuring even the background atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases. This sensitive and continuous analysis tool ensures that any fluctuations in gas levels are immediately detected and addressed.


Mobility and Flexibility

Beamonics BeamSight offers flexibility in deployment with its reflection setup. It can be easily moved and set up around different basins as required, making it adaptable to various plant configurations and operational needs.


Reduced Maintenance and Long-Term Reliability

Designed with high-quality, replaceable components, BeamSight has low maintenance costs and a long operational lifespan. This makes it a cost-effective solution in the long run, providing sustained performance and reliability.


The implementation of the Beamonics solution represents a significant advancement in greenhouse gas detection and leak analysis for wastewater plants. By offering comprehensive, real-time monitoring over large areas, it provides deeper insights into emissions, enhances detection capabilities, and ensures the efficient operation of the treatment process. This innovative approach supports wastewater treatment processes in monitoring and reducing greenhouse gas emission levels with minimal maintenance efforts, making it an excellent alternative to traditional point measurement methods.

Unique Yet Proven


Beamonics has a proven track record of success, with more than a hundred analyzer solutions implemented across Europe and Asia. Our analyzers provide insights across various industries, from oxygen analysis in semiconductor manufacturing to optimizing fruit storage in agriculture and ensuring compliance and cost savings in biogas plants.