Beamonics provides innovative solutions and patent-protected technologies to analyze air compositions in confined spaces and in the atmosphere. With our technologies, we enable our users to improve, diagnose and analyze their environments to conserve resources and optimize their specific application, whether the application involves air quality or industrial quantifications.

About us

At Beamonics, we are dedicated to delivering the technology behind precision photonics systems. The company focuses on the innovative generic photonics technology platforms which are integrated into systems by our partners or our sensors team.

With the decades of expertise in electronics engineering, embedded firmware engineering, mechanical engineering and optical systems engineering, Beamonics is always open to helping our partners in finding the best solution to their technical challenges.

A core technology area within Beamonics addresses the environmental challenges faced today. Beamonics technology is used to measure, quantify and analyze atmospheric particles as well as gases, helping our users to identify emission sources and tune their processes with patent-protected technology. Furthermore, we put great emphasis in the user-friendliness and ease-of-integration of our technology and believe that technology should benefit and be usable by anyone!

Our core technology

The core technologies of Beamonics focus on understanding and analyzing particles and gases in our atmosphere. We develop and equip our users with generic and customized optical systems to analyze air compositions in, for example, confined spaces in a lab or remote sensing setups.

LIDAR (light detection and ranging) for atmospheric analyzers

Our patent-protected LIDAR technology is capable of analyzing the gas and particle composition in the atmosphere. Different from conventional technology, our technology allows for extremely compact, inexpensive and very fast systems (kHz) as compared to traditional scientific and industrial grade analyzers which often utilized pulsed high-power laser sources.

The unique design of our LIDAR systems allow them to be customized and tailored for the application, and the systems can be designed to measure in the m-range as well as in the km-range with sub-cm resolutions.

Through the LIDAR systems, Beamonics can provide range-resolved information with high time-resolution to measure particles, aerosols, gases or other inhomogeneities in the atmosphere and in other media, such as water or oils.

Gas composition analysis

Through decades of accumulated knowledge from academic and industrial research, Beamonics provides a new generation of patent-pending laser absorption spectroscopy technology platform for gas analysis. The technology employs a tunable narrow-band laser to measure the gas-unique absorption imprints of gas molecules. An advanced data analysis is then carried out to determine the concentration, pressure and/or temperature of the analyzed gases.

The technology is inherently self-calibrating, fast, reliable and accurate. Our systems provide the users with data down to 50 μs latency and can thus be employed in high-speed processes. Furthermore, the self-referencing ability of the technology allows it to be used both for gases in the clear media as well as gases trapped within non-transparent media, such as solids and turbid liquid media.


The Beamonics technology team is composed of expert engineers in the field of electronics, embedded firmware, mechanics and optics. Our team is dedicated to realizing ideas for our end-users and strongly believes in being open and collaborative.

The Beamonics facilities is equipped with a world-class prototype workshop for fine precision mechanical parts and electronics manufacturing equipment, and we are committed to provide our knowledge in your projects, regardless of if it is big or small to help you reach your goals in a time- and cost-efficient manner.

In addition to realizing our core technologies, Beamonics provides the industry and academia with generic precision photonics drivers, able to deliver state-of-the-art performance to your instrument, regardless of if the light source is a light-bulb or a high-end laser and regardless if your detector is self-etched or purchased.

Thus, Beamonics can draft early prototypes very rapidly (Rapid Prototyping) based on a large number of state-of-the-art in-house platform designs both for stand-alone use, or ready to be integrated into existing industry-standard platforms.

Furthermore, Beamonics provides designs ready for mass production at numerous sites around the world and is an ideal partner in production transfer projects within the industries of optical and photonics systems.


At Beamonics, people are everything, we are a growing company always open to creative and innovative individuals who would like to join us on our journey to provide the world with the best photonics and optical sensors for our planet. If you are interested, please feel welcome to contact us through the contact form below.