Detect and analyze gases remotely in fixed installations or battery-powered portable applications.


Precise Gas Analysis

Real-Time Analysis

Maintenance Free

Calibration Free



Remote gas analysis with lasers no longer needs to be cumbersome and stationary. Beamonics offers the world’s most compact handheld device that consumes less energy than a tablet and is operational within seconds.

Beamonics BeamSight provides an innovative tool to detect and quantify the presence of gases. Unlike traditional sensors, BeamSight can analyze gas concentrations from a distance, delivering real-time results. This capability allows for the monitoring of large areas with a single system or the measurement of potentially hazardous gases from a safe distance.

BeamSight is complete and ready to be integrated with existing processes, delivering results in the preferred format and system.

BeamSight is operational within seconds and requires no calibration or maintenance, unless it notifies you. Being highly energy-efficient, the system can run for many hours without needing to be charged.

The fixed configuration of BeamSight is ideal to be equipped on a rover or drone for mobile gas analysis and gas monitoring applications, for example, leak detection and leak mapping.

BeamSight can measure gases from very low concentrations up to atmospheric saturation levels, continuously. It can analyze many different industrial gases — please read more in the data sheet.



  • Remote analysis for gas leaks
  • Both portable and stationary setup
  • Compact and low weight
  • Detection range 30 meter and up to 100 meter with reflector
  • Innovative, compact and user friendly

Learn more about the technical specifications and applications in our datasheet. Download here.