The BM-V-1 provides an innovative tool to detect and quantify the presence of gases.

Different from traditional sensors, the BM-V-1 provides a true stand-off detection schemes, able to analyze gas concentrations from a distance.

The true remote-detection schemes means that installation is alignment-free and in a back-reflection setup, with no need for long cables or complex mechanical constructions. This provides innovative means to monitor a large area with one single system or to provide measurements results from a safe distance of potentially hazardous gases.

The system is the on the Beamonics proprietary Remote TDLAS platform and is inherently both calibration-free and of low-maintenance. In addition, the system does not suffer from sensor-poisoning effects and can measure the entire range of very low background level concentrations all the way up to atmospheric saturation levels continuously.

Being highly energy-efficient, the system can be easily supplied by a standard DC power supply (15—32 VDC) or by external or internal batteries able to run for many hours, making it ideal both for temporary or permanent installations.

The BM-V-1 is delivered in an integration ready state with several digital and analogue interfaces, including USB, RS422, RS485, UART, PWM, Relay-controls, 4-20 mA and 0—10 V.

Detectable gases include CH4, O2, CO2, CO, NOx, SOx, HF, H2S, NH3 and HCl.


  • Perform true remote sensing, for the benefit of the environment
  • In-line monitoring of emissions to perfection with the Beamonics gas solution
  • Low maintenance, no need for regular recalibrations, thus being and excellent tool for continuous monitoring of emissions