Gas analysis with excellent precision directly at the source, across gas streams, or through open air paths.


Precise Gas Analysis

Real-Time Analysis

Maintenance Free

Calibration Free



Laser diode gas analyzers no longer need to be complex to commission and maintain. Beamonics offers a high-performance turnkey solution for precise gas analysis in real time, operational within seconds.

Beamonics BeamStack is designed with user and integration-friendliness in mind, enabling it to operate smoothly in the background and notify only when needed, in your preferred format and system.

It offers extremely fast and precise (PPB-level) gas analysis, providing the ability to trigger on information previously not quantifiable.

The gas analyzer is highly durable for use in heavy industries and extremely robust in harsh environments.

Like all Beamonics products, BeamStack is both calibration-free and maintenance-free, unless it notifies you to check. It is equipped with the Beamoncis proprietary high-dynamic range hardware, making it insensitive to even very large transmission changes in the gas environment.

BeamStack can measure everything from very low concentrations up to atmospheric saturation levels, continuously. It can analyze many different industrial gases — please read more in the data sheet.



  • Precise gas analysis
  • Measures very low concentrations
  • Not disturbed by other gases (no cross talks)
  • Turnkey, user friendly solution
  • Insensitive to transmission changes
  • No calibration or maintenance
  • IP68 grade mechanics

Learn more about the technical specifications and applications in our datasheet. Download here.